These are all our cool, ready to go projects!


Ever wanted to create a theme for Mac OS X? Catalyst gives you all the tools you need to browse the in's and out's of Aqua and the interfaces of all your favorite Mac OS X applications. Best of all, you can create your own interface themes.


After being deemed one of the best pieces of software for Mac OS X from publications such as Macworld and MacAddict, Duality is back. Duality is a piece of software that lets you change the overall look and feel of your Macintosh. It can do things as simple as making your Apple menu green, or it can turn your workspace on your Mac into an alien landscape. Best of all, you can apply CoreImage filters to your Mac's interface, making your Mac's interface as creative an unique as you are. Best of all, Duality's changing influence reaches beyond themes, allowing enterprising developers to write plugins that change other aspects of how you interact with your Mac. Themes are just the beginning of this application.

Due to ugly software politics, we're currently removing closed source code from Duality, and replacing it with open source friendly code. Developers or cutting edge users can grab a copy of the source from our CVS archives. Duality might not compile cleanly right now. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Once we have Duality working and happy again we'll release a version for end users to this page.


Apple and most developers do a pretty good job of shipping software with all the features a user could ever need. But sometimes something is just missing from that user experience. Enter PatchKit. PatchKit is an open source collection of code that allows developers to write software that changes the behavior of existing applications. As some famous guy once said, "With great power comes great responsibility", or something like that. Be respectful of other applications. Think before you patch.


Have you ever wanted to write your own theme software using Apple's wonderful Cocoa API? Now you can! ThemeKit is a Mac OS X framework for reading and writing .skin files, rendering Mac OS X gui widgets (and manipulating them), and writing out resource files built for the current version of Mac OS X. It's a Universal Framework, and it's open source! We'll even give you an awesome logo to stick on your software, so everyone knows your software is standards compliant. Does it get any better than this?